1. Your business directly positively impacts real families, employees, & community members 

My husband and I are raising three children in this community, who attend the local public schools. It's important that this community is strong, because we aren't leaving it! At The Bread Co., we employ and train a diverse crew of local folks: undergrads, recent college grads, parents, teenagers, and veterans. We are excited to give people with no kitchen experience the opportunity to learn on the job. And we treat our employees like family. So when you support us, you support them, too.

2. ...Who can then give back to the local community

Because we live and work and raise our families in this town, and the health of our business is symbiotic with the health of our business, we are much more likely to reinvest in the community to keep it strong.

3. You can get to know us

We are accessible. Champaign-Urbana operates on a one-degree of separation margin. You don't know someone? Ask enough questions and I'm sure you have one person in common. At The Bread Co., like many of the small businesses in town, you can get to know us and our staff and have your voice heard or request a service and we are more than willing to accommodate you and even go out of our way for you. It's a level of service that a chain just might not be able to deliver on. We genuinely care if you are happy, because you keep us in business. And, according to the one degree rule, we probably know you ;)